Sunorange Lancelot
Pomeranian spitz

Sunorange Lancelot
Available beautiful and cute boy Pomeranian. 3.5 months, fully vaccinated and microchipped.
Luxurious coat, the correct structure.
Beautiful face, thick legs, small ears.
The kid is very cheerful, affectionate, loves to play and kiss. He is waiting for his new, loving mom.

Sex: male
Expected height:
21-22 cm
Color: orange
Teeth: 6×6 scissors
Born: December 25, 2018
Father: Sunorange Glamur Shayn
Mother: Amber Lilii Line Mirabella
Documents: pedigree FCI — RKF, puppy card, veterinary passport
Breeder: Yuliya Danilyuk "Sunorange"

Pedigree link
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